A Beginner's Guide To Applying False Lashes

For anyone who is not gifted with natural luscious lashes, false eyelashes, or falsies as they are fondly called are your savior. False eyelashes give you that stylish ultra-long lash look that you have been looking for. If you're a newbie in the world of putting on falsies, the whole thing can be extremely overwhelming. 


For all the Alice's in the wonderland of lashes, here is the step-wise guide of applying the lashes so that you put them on like a pro. Let the game begin!


STEP 1: Be Ready with your Supplies

Often overlooked but an important step is to line all your supplies before you start the actual process. It looks very simple but believe me prepping up saves precious minutes. Moreover, you are calmer and more focused as everything that you need is in front of you. The three supplies that you would need are lash adhesive, a pair of falsies, application tweezers & a pair of small scissors to trim the lash band. 


STEP 2: Trimming the Lash Band

Since you are a lash enthusiast taking your first step, here’s a tip: Buy a cheap eyelash for the practice session. Being a first-timer, you may mess up here and there (and that’s perfectly fine, i still do!), and messing an your luxurious pair would break your heart.

The very first thing to do is to measure the lash strip against your lash line and severe the extra bit. The excess can be used for a bit of emphasis on your natural outer layer or stacked up on your falsie’s strip at the outer corner. 

Winged Lashes: (Short to long) Trim from outer corner (the long end)

Doll: (Longest in the middle) Trim from both ends to make it even.


STEP 3: Applying the Adhesive

The lashes will last only when the adhesive is applied properly. Willy nilly application will only harm your eyes. Apply the adhesive evenly from end to end of the strip and wait patiently for 30-60 seconds before putting it on allowing the glue to get a bit tacky.

Be sure to break in the lash band before applying glue by bending them back and forth. Hold onto each end at the tips of your fingers and move hands up and down. 


STEP 4: Putting on the Lash Strip

Now comes the hardest part of applying the lashes! The key is to apply the falsies close to your natural lash line so that it sits prettily right on top. Ready to use your basic math to nail this step? Put the mirror to a perpendicular angle under your face and look down. This will enable you to see exactly where to put the strips. Remember not to close your eyes while placing them. It might appear a bit daunting but with practice, you’ll be able to do it in no time. If its more comfortable for you you can sit in front of a straight mirror too tilting your head back. Tweezers are a god gift to beginners. Use them instead of your fingers and you’ll thank me later.  

 Pull the ends towards your ear or inner eye to adjust, press the lash hairs to firmly to push the band to stick.

Step 5: Blending the Bands with the Natural Lashes

You wouldn’t want anyone to know that you have put on falsies. Would you? Here what you can do to make them appear natural: Pick your gel or liquid liner and draw a line from where the band starts, gradually taking it to the inner corner of your eyes. Flick out the end if it’s a winged effect that you desire. This step will successfully camouflage the strip’s band. Once you get the hang of it, you may not need any liner. I love a natural look so now i don't add any liner.


STEP 6: Look at the New You

Look into the mirror and admire the woman with luxurious long lashes looking back at you!

Lash extensions have the power to transform your eyes from no one noticing them to everyone complimenting you. Use the guide above and absolutely nail the long lash look. 

Good luck! Leave a comment if you need extra help or how you went!


Alexia x




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